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MAGNOMICS and NANIUM develop a packaging solution for biomedical applications
MAGNOMICS, a company backed by Portugal Ventures, has started a partnership with NANIUM, a world-class provider of semiconductor assembly, packaging, test, engineering and manufacturing services, to be the end-user of a newly developed packaging solution based on Wafer-Level Fan-Out for biomedical microfluidic applications.
"The Wafer-Level Fan-Out technology is especially well suited for microfluidic applications, as the fluid channel can extend beyond the chip, utilizing the inexpensive Fan-Out area of the package", explains André Cardoso, R&D Integrator at NANIUM, who heads up the project. "In this case, the microfluidic channel is much longer than the chip itself, and the chip represents only 16% of the package area. This is a tremendous cost saving on the biochip, because the use of a smaller chip increases by one order of magnitude the number of chips in a front-end wafer".
Filipe Cardoso, CTO of MAGNOMICS, explains that "This new development is allowing us to merge microfluidic systems with silicon-based biochips leading to a clear advantage in miniaturization and cost saving".
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