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Portugal Ventures invests in proGrow
proGrow is the latest Portuguese start-up to be selected for investment by Portugal Ventures.
proGrow, a production management platform, has its roots in the industrial world and aims to help manufacturing plants produce more, using less resources.
Its innovative web platform enables the collection, monitoring and management of production data on continuous improvement methodologies. Production management is centralised on a single device which allows companies to not only  identify  losses in production efficiency, but it also enhances communication between the different teams in the implementation of their improvement actions and subsequent increase in their productive results.
"As a result of our experience in the industry, where we were carrying out the work of our, now, customers, we are fully aware of  proGrow’s importance and added value. Our challenge now is to ensure the best possible distribution of proGrow, regardless of the location or size of the plant in question. This partnership with Portugal Ventures is in line with our growth strategy. Together we can respond more rapidly to the market and thus provide our continuous improvement platform simply and effectively. It is with great satisfaction that we welcome Portugal Ventures into the proGrow family”, said Marco Tschan Carvalho, Founder & CEO of proGrow.
Portugal Ventures CEO, Celso Guedes de Carvalho stated that “Portugal Ventures’ Investment in proGrow is part of the response to the challenges of Industry 4.0, which invests in startups that provide solutions and tools which add value to the manufacturing sector. Portugal Ventures’ participation will enable proGrow to enter and grow in the international market, and will strengthen the sector with its smart production management platform, which enables, on a single device and in real time, the monitoring and assessment of all data from a company’s factory floor.” 
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