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Portugal Ventures invests in the sustainability of the planet
Rigger is a start-up that was founded by a team of three engineers that developed the Trigger.Systems platform to control irrigation systems automatically and more efficiently.
Rigger thus becomes a part of Portugal Ventures’ Industry 4.0 investment portfolio with the first investment made by the venture capital firm in the company in the amount of 100 thousand Euros, which may come to a total of 500 thousand Euros if the established milestones are met.
Founded in January 2017, and based in Fundão, Rigger is a tech-based start-up focused on the development and application of intelligent models which allow irrigation systems to be controlled automatically. 
The Trigger.Systems platform developed by Rigger enables remote control use of water with savings of 45% in consumption, which is particularly relevant for the agricultural sector and companies who manage large green spaces.
The approximately 2,000 irrigation systems that are currently already being controlled by Trigger.Systems, belonging to clients such as the City Councils of Lisbon, Porto and Oeiras, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Sovena Group, are the stepping stone for the goal of 30,000 systems set by Rigger for the next 12 months.
According to Francisco Manso, co-founder and CEO of the company, “The investment from Portugal Ventures will go a long way to help us build up our team by adding members who are specialised in control systems, and thus ensure we are prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.”
Celso Guedes de Carvalho, CEO of Portugal Ventures, says that “the recent investment in Rigger is very important as it will allow more customers to have access to tools that optimise resources, contribute towards significantly reducing costs and towards the sustainability of the planet. It is estimated that approximately 300 million hectares across the globe require irrigation systems, and this is one of the main reasons behind our investment in this platform and in its internationalisation.” 
Portugal Ventures’ investment in Rigger is a contribution to the implementation of the Industry 4.0 Program, which aims to provide solutions and tools that bolster, promote and invest in the digitalisation of the Portuguese economy. 
About the awards and distinctions Trigger.Systems has received:
Winner of the PT Empresas IoT Challenge with access to the Alpha Pass for WebSummit (2016)
Winner of Climate Launchpad Portugal and Finalist of the European Climate Launchpad (2016)
Finalist in the Farming by Satellite Prize (2016)
Distinguished by WebSummit in the Startup Programme (2015)
About the Founders
Francisco Manso has been an entrepreneur since he was 18 years old and believes in the implementation of low-cost solutions which have a high impact on the environment and the economy. Agricultural Engineer from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia and post-grad in micro-controllers from the Instituto Superior Técnico, he is an expert in the fields of irrigation control, irrigation modelling, software and hardware. He has extensive practical experience and knowledge in the link between agriculture and technology. During his career, he has been distinguished several times: Valmor (2005), Living-Labs Awards (2010), Sustainability Assessment Tool (ISA, FC, IST), Tacoma USA (2014), WebSummit Startup Program (2015), Smartcities Barcelona (2015) and he is also co-author of the book “Água nos Jardins Portugueses” [Water in Portuguese Gardens].
Sara Gonçalves graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the Faculty of Sciences in Porto. She trained at the Geospatial Science Research Centre where she worked on processing satellite images and developed projects for the development of web application.
Márcio Martins has a degree in Telecommunications and Computer Sciences Engineering from ISCTE. He worked at Portugal Telecom in the reporting and debugging of applications. He has experience in the development of web applications, in particular in the areas of security and efficiency.