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Portugal Ventures makes second 2017 investment in health sector
Tonic App is the first European mobile app with technology that brings medical doctors and hospitals together – it is already available for Android devices.
This platform now becomes a part of Portugal Ventures’ Life Sciences investment portfolio, with the first investment made by the venture capital firm in the company in the amount of 100 thousand Euros, which may increase if the established milestones are met.
Founded in April 2016 and based in Porto, Tonic App is a tech-based start-up focused on developing and managing a digital communication and content platform in the Health sector. With a strong collaborative component, Tonic App facilitates the exchange of information between health professionals. Fast and secure, using encryption technology, the mobile app does not need to integrate with any other system.Tonic App also provides useful digital content for clinical practice, so that professionals can have access to, till now, scattered information on a single platform.
Portugal Ventures’ investment in Tonic App will enable the continued development of the platform and its entry into international markets.
Daniela Seixas, CEO of Tonic App, S.A., says “Portugal Ventures is investing in digital health, an area with great economic potential, but also with significant social impact, as it promotes quality and efficacy in clinical practice.” The team at Tonic App has what it takes to make this project a success. It has medical, technological, financial and business intelligence know-how. These aspects are key, especially in the European market, given the differences between the various countries, in particular when it comes to regulation in the Health sector.”
The CEO of Portugal Ventures, Celso Guedes de Carvalho, highlights the importance of Life Sciences, in particular digital health:  “It is estimated that in 2017 the mobile health market will obtain revenues of 24.2 billion dollars worldwide. It should be noted that major competitors are concentrated in the American market, which means the investment in Tonic App helps fill the gap in the European market. Designed by doctors and developed by an international team, Tonic App transversally addresses one of the most important problems facing the industry: communication between professionals and the other players in the sector.”
Portugal Ventures’ investment in the Life Sciences is evident in its investment in 19 companies in this sector: Alfama, Biosurfit, Biotrend, BSIM2, Coimbra Genomics, GenePredit, GeniBet, Immunethep, Luzitin, Lymphact, Magnomics, PeekMed, P3D, Petys Electronics, Pharma73, Stemmaters, TreatU and Tonic App.
Visit their website at www.tonicapp.com and download Tonic App at www.tiny.cc/tonicappandroid.
About the Founders
Daniela Seixas, CEO of Tonic App, is a doctor and is passionate about technology. Her specialty is Neuroradiology, which enables her to work with advanced technology tools and understand the human brain. She has a PhD in Neuroscience in collaboration with the University of Oxford, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from IE Business School.
Christophe de Kalbermatten, CFO of Tonic App, started his career putting together personalised financial products, having assisted several companies in their financial department to protect them against exchange rate risks.
Dávid Bórsos has a degree in Computational Sciences and has data analysis skills in the business field. He previously worked in well-established companies, led projects in the creation of systems and processes reporting and collaborated with institutions in the planning and development of financial transactions.
Andrew Barnes was part of the biggest video game successes in the world (including FIFA, Madden and Battlefield), having been responsible, for three years,  for the transfer of products between Electronic Arts and its partners (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Android).