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Frederico Serras Gago
Executive Board Member
Frederico is currently an Executive Member of the Board of Directors. Previously, Frederico worked as a member of a couple of government cabinets in Portugal in the capacity of financial adviser, dealing with privatisations in the air and rail transportation sector, budgeting of state-owned enterprises, and investments in infrastructure assets. Frederico spent 18 years studying and working abroad in the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, China, India and the US. Frederico worked in investment banking in London, Paris and São Paulo, where he completed a number of deals in mergers and acquisitions and financings (unsecured, RMBS, ABS), and worked as a finance consultant in a fast-growing credit business. Frederico spent 9 years in France where he obtained a Master In Management from EDHEC Grande Ecole. Frederico is a native speaker in Portuguese and French, and fluent in English. He enjoys photography and scuba diving.