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Tourism Dynamisation

The Tourism Dynamisation Programme is an initiative that takes place throughout the year.


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Submission ot Projects

All submissions should be made via the online platform. Apply here. Make sure that your project is eligible and submit your application.


Following submission, a structured assessment process begins. The first stage of this process is a Pre-Assessment carried out by Portugal Ventures.

Expert Panels

The projects that make it through the Pre-Assessment stage will then be assessed by multidisciplinary expert panels. This assessment is based on information submitted, as well as a Pitch session followed by Q&A. Portugal Ventures may invite other investors to join the assessment process, giving them access to information on the projects.

Assessment by Portugal Ventures

Taking into account the recommendations made by the expert panels, Portugal Ventures will call upon the selected projects to make a second pitch in order to assess the business opportunity and to make an investment decision.


Contracts will be negotiated and drawn up for the selected projects, including possible co-investors. The project will then receive the investment and will be ready to compete and fight for its place in the global market.