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About us
Portugal Ventures is a Venture Capital firm, focusing its investments in innovative, scientific and technology-based companies as well as in companies from the more traditional Portuguese Tourism and Industrial sectors, with significant competitive advantages and export oriented to global markets. We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, assisting them in achieving new levels of competitiveness and success at all stages of development of their companies and operating in a number of different sectors. 

Portugal Ventures works alongside entrepreneurs, enabling high-growth Portuguese companies to achieve global status.

At a glance:
Name: Portugal Capital Ventures - Sociedade de capital de Risco, S.A.
Registered under individual corporate registration and taxpayer number: 502 206 128
Share Capital: 40,412,650.00 Euros
Establishment: Founded in June 2012, as a result of the merger of the three state-backed Venture Capital & Private Equity firms - AICEP Capital Global (founded in 1988), InovCapital (founded in 1989) and Turismo Capital (founded in 1991).
Activity: Venture Capital & Private Equity investments.
Assets under management: (circa) €400 million.
Membership: APCRI - Portuguese Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, Invest Europe – the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association and NEVCA - New England Venture Capital Association.
· Accountability
· Responsibility
· Excellence
· Integrity
· Transparency
· Fairness
· Ambition
· Perseverance
These values collectively drive our objectives - to be a successful investor, delivering superior performance to our shareholders and funds investors, and to be a catalyst of the Portuguese entrepreneurship ecosystem by empowering and fostering Portuguese companies to compete in the global market.
Growing.Global is our motto. It is the driving force behind our mission. Know more about us here.
Portugal Ventures, as a Venture Capital Firm, and the Venture Capital Funds it manages are subject to the supervision of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).
For Portugal Ventures, corporate governance also means complying with the Portuguese Principles of Good Governance of Public Companies as approved by Decree-Law 133/2013, dated 3rd October. More detailed public information on Portugal Ventures can be viewed at www.dgtf.pt (website of Directorate General of Treasury and Finance of the Portuguese Ministry of Finance).