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Call For Entrepreneurship
A stepping stone to success:
The Call For Entrepreneurship is the entry point to the Ignition Programme, a new initiative led by Portugal Ventures to promote investment for market-oriented scientific and technological projects in the Seed Capital phase.
Main goals:
  • Reinforce the Portuguese entrepreneurship ecosystem by improving the link between entrepreneurs, R&D centres, incubators, industry experts and Venture Capital;
  • Economic valorisation of scientific and technological knowledge and use of its potential to change the structure of the Portuguese economy and to increase its competitiveness;
  • Attract and retain talent;
  • Provide access to global investors and strategic partners.
Portugal Ventures expects to invest up to 20 million Euros per year in its Ignition Programme:
  • Candidates may benefit from contact with our Ignition Partners Network - preparation of application to be investment ready, coaching and incubation;
  • Assignment of a significant majority of the start-up share capital to its founders;
  • Expert mentoring of the projects funded by Portugal Ventures, by both national and international experts;
  • Selected projects will have the opportunity to be accelerated or incubated in international hubs of innovation;
  • Periodic Calls/Cycles of investment (see the calendar). 
Read more detailed information on the IGNITION PROGRAMME.