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Portugal Ventures in London

 Accelerate your start-up with us!

With the purpose of supporting and promoting the growth of Portuguese start-ups, opening up the doors of the world to them, Portugal Ventures has been opening accelerators in the main centres in the world. The first inaugurated in January 2013 in San Francisco, the second was opened in Boston in February 2014 and in June 2015 the first centre in Europe was inaugurated, in Berlin. And in March Portugal Ventures openned its second European centre, in London.
The office in the heart of London’s Tech City allows Portugal Ventures to access a relevant network of scientific, business and investor entities that will benefit Portugal Ventures’ portfolio companies, which will have the chance to seek out opportunities in London’s fast growing tech ecosystem. 
The launch of a London office reinforces Portugal Ventures’ commitment to its portfolio companies and Portugal’s entrepreneurial community and coincides with Portugal’s rise in the global technology ecosystem as signaled by the recently announced relocation of Web Summit to Lisbon.